Companies may begin new construction projects as part of an expansion of their business. The laws that regulate construction are complex and may be difficult for business and property owners to resolve on their own. Clients may look to a construction lawyer to assist them with their needs for every stage of their project development, from planning to completion. Even minor issues can cause major delays that affect how fast a project can be completed. If you think you are involved in a scenario that may require the assistance of a construction lawyer, there is help available. You can count on an experienced construction law attorney like the ones from Hoegen & Associates, P.C. to handle your unique case.

What is Construction Law? 

Construction law refers to the area of law that involves any legal matter relating to construction and similar areas. There is a lot of overlap in construction law, commercial law, and employment law, so it takes a specially skilled lawyer who has extensive experience in those fields to properly handle construction law cases successfully. 

Common Issues That a Lawyer Handles

Some legal issues are best handled by an attorney who has a background in construction law. If you are not sure if your issue requires the assistance of a lawyer, you may benefit from going to a consultation. 

As a trusted construction law attorney in Wilkes-Barre, PA like one from Hoegen & Associates, P.C. can tell you, these are just a couple of the topics relating to construction law that a lawyer can help you with:

  • Construction site injuries/accidents
  • Fighting lawsuits
  • Threat of lawsuits
  • Partnership disputes
  • Payment disputes
  • Labor issues 
  • Contract violations
  • Contract terminations
  • Construction defects
  • Project delays
  • Environmental concerns

What Legal Services Can A Construction Lawyer Provide?

An experienced construction lawyer specializes in a wide range of areas. They offer a variety of legal services that construction professionals may need. There are many types of services that a skilled lawyer knowledgeable in construction law can provide:

  • Understanding ownership rights
  • Construction financing
  • Mechanic’s lien
  • Contract reviews
  • Filing for bankruptcy 
  • Damages claims
  • Sales and purchases
  • Legal representation  

Legal Assistance Is Available

Lawyers who have a diverse background in construction law can review the intricacies in your construction law case and inform you of your next steps. As advocates for construction clients, they understand the urgent nature of your case and will use their skills to help you achieve positive results. If you need legal assistance from an experienced construction law attorney, schedule a free initial consultation today.