If you’re wondering how long a chiropractic adjustment should take, hopefully it’s for the right reasons. If you just need to know so you can schedule your day accordingly, that’s great! If you’re trying to figure out whether a medical doctor or chiropractor will offer you more time, that could be an issue.

Why Medical Appointments and Chiropractic Appointments Differ

When you visit a medical doctor, he or she is generally treating your symptoms. For example, you may have chronic headaches, so the doctor will prescribe you a medication to take either regularly or when symptoms become worse. It’s possible your doctor will spend a considerable amount of time with you, possibly even running a few tests, but it sometimes comes down to a pill. You will take that pill daily for the rest of your life, or until you no longer experience your symptoms.

Take a look at what a chiropractor does in one visit, and you’ll see why it’s impossible to compare. At your first visit, you’ll probably go over your medical history and undergo a physical examination that will give the chiropractor an accurate look at what you’re dealing with. He or she may then complete an adjustment, or series of adjustments, which may offer immediate pain relief. The total time you’re there could be about 20 minutes.

If pain relief isn’t achieved right away, you may go back for a few more appointments. Each adjustment takes a matter of just seconds or minutes, which could be comparable to taking a pill every day. The difference is chiropractic care is addressing the issue, not the symptom, so your pain relief will eventually be permanent.

Why You Might Need Multiple Appointments

Your body is a creature of habit. Once misalignment happens in your spine, your body learns to cope with it until it becomes your new normal. While this could present a host of issues, such as chronic pain, your body is used to it. When you visit a chiropractor for the first time, your body will love feeling good, but could resort back to its more comfortable position.

It’s similar to getting your braces off. At first, your teeth will want to move right back to their original, more comfortable position, so you’ll have to wear a retainer for awhile. Your follow-up visits are just like wearing a retainer. They’re to ensure your vertebrae stay in alignment, and it could take some time for that to happen.

Contact a Chiropractor to Learn More

If you’re wondering how long your appointment will take, don’t hesitate to contact a chiropractor. He or she can also help you understand why chiropractic appointments are so quick, even though they’re quite effective. Ask about alternative treatments such as Acupuncture Santa Monica, CA that is used alongside chiropractic care.

Thanks to Santa Monica Holistic for their insight into how chiropractic and acupuncture appointments are different than traditional medical appointments.