Unfortunately, you’re not going to escape this life without encountering some pain and discomfort. You hope that the incidents are rare and minor, but whatever happens, it’s important to find relief. If an injury, accident, health condition or illnesses cause long-term, severe pain, it can be difficult to function each day. This is where chiropractors come in. These professionals treat people who have ongoing pain by reducing and removing the tension and stress in their bodies. If you are tired of living in pain, check with your health insurance company and make an appointment today.

What Happens During Treatments?

Contrary to what some people may think, chiropractors don’t merely pop your back and send you on your way. There is an effective technique called an adjustment that chiropractors use to help people manage pain in their back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, feet and hands. The adjustment moves your misaligned spine back into its proper place. The chiropractor does this by placing his or her hands (or an instrument) on your back. Using controlled, sudden force and pressure, the chiropractor manipulates the spine and puts it where it is supposed to be. After an adjustment, you should feel a better range of motion, flexibility and mobility. The treatment can help reduce inflammation, soreness and irritation in your joints. Some patients even experience relief from severe migraines or headaches.

Working With Your Health Insurance Company

Like any type of health care, a financial commitment is required when you undergo chiropractic treatments. Fortunately, your health insurance company should pay a portion of the costs. Always check first, however, with your provider before scheduling an appointment and beginning treatment. Without coverage, you will be stuck with the full bill. Be aware that most plans have a limit on the number of visits it will cover during the year. Your insurance representative can answer any questions you have about coverage. When you go in for your first appointment, provide your insurance information to the office staff. The chiropractic office and the insurance company will take it from there.

Auto Insurance

If you are seeing the chiropractor because of injuries you suffered in a car accident, your auto insurance and/or the insurance of the other driver should pick up the treatment costs. Your policy probably has a dollar-amount cover limit, so make sure you are aware of this before you get started.

Working with your insurance company is critical before you begin seeing a chiropractor. Understand how your plan works so you can have a positive experience.