Weddings are not just about getting married to your beau, it’s about showing off who you are in your relationship style together. Choosing a venue is going to be an impactful choice when it comes to setting a desired ambience. And, knowing how to spruce it up with decor and other elements can make all the difference. Read on for further tips about how to amplify your wedding vibe. 

Match Property with Mood

Decide what kind of mood you want for your wedding. Do you prefer something sophisticated and elegant, or more laid back and funky? Creating a mood board or magazine collage can bring your vision into something tangible to take with you as you tour potential venues. By knowing what kind of feel you want for the wedding, it can help you pick a property that matches with it. 

Consider Lighting and Fixtures

Crafty and carefully conceived lighting can brighten any room or space, giving the party a more dramatic look. Lighting should focus on where the guest’s attention should be, such as the dance floor or cake table. It’s a bonus if the venue lighting is flattering for photographs, which your guests are surely to take! 

First Impression Upon Arrival

You can impress your guests by adding decor to the entryway. Your guests will get a sneak peak of the aethetics for your wedding and make them feel special as they enter! Consider elements such as floral wreaths, tree lanterns, walkway luminaries, or vibrant candles.

Add Final Touches to Bar 

The bar is likely to be a popular spot to visit and hang out at for the wedding. Why not dazzle your guests even more by adding decor touches to the bar too? But just one rule, don’t add elements that could interfere with the bartender serving drinks!