Taxpayers are expected to report their financial information as accurately as possible when it’s time to file taxes. Any individual who knowingly withholds or misrepresents information about their earnings or assets can be subject to penalties or criminal charges. The consequences for tax fraud are severe, which include larger tax penalties and even prison time, depending on the extent of fraud. If you are facing a tax fraud charge, you should not ignore and take the necessary steps to fix your tax issues so that your name is cleared.

What is Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud is the act of deliberate or purposeful violation of state or federal tax laws in order to avoid paying one or more taxes. There are many ways a person can commit tax fraud. It does not refer to every type of tax violation, but it should be taken seriously regardless of your circumstances. 

Examples of tax fraud include the following actions:

  • Altering invoices  
  • Falsely claiming deductions 
  • Not disclosing income sources
  • Transferring assets to conceal them
  • Making false statements on tax forms

How do I resolve a tax fraud accusation? 

If you are accused of tax fraud it is important that you do not panic and try to lie your way out of the charge. You will only make your situation worse and you could incur further complications.  

Steps to take if you are given a notice of tax fraud by the IRS include:

  • Compile your financial records
  • Don’t make false statements to the IRS
  • Learn the penalties you are facing
  • Talk to a skilled tax fraud lawyer 

Why Should I Work With a Tax Lawyer?

Tax law can be intricate and cover a lot of legal areas, and it is not easy for the average taxpayer to understand. Trying to understand the various aspects of tax laws can be difficult. Working with a tax lawyer can save you the headache of trying to figure out how to deal with your case yourself. A lawyer can explain your rights and how to best proceed.

Contact a Lawyer Today
No matter what kind of tax predicament you are in, you can benefit from having a tax fraud lawyer like one from Crepeau Mourges to guide you through your legal matters. Postponing action may make your situation worse, and you could face even larger consequences. Request a consultation with a tax fraud lawyer now.