You can do a lot of things to help your knee pain no matter whether it is due to a recent injury, arthritis or an old surgery that your knee pain doctor such as the ones available to you are Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania did for you. 

It’s important to follow any instructions given to you by your knee pain doctor, and to understand that everything on this list is a common do or do not, in most knee pain doctors may have an opinion about the things on this list and you should discuss it in depth with them to ensure that you are not going to be hurting your chances of recovery.

You should not rest too much because too much rest will allow the muscles in your need to weaken, and when the knees are already weak joint pain and ligament pain is going to worsen. You should attempt to find an exercise program that is safe for your knees as you know them, and you can talk about your exercise plans with the knee pain doctor and get their opinion about what you should be able to do.

You should exercise, cardio exercises especially are going to allow the muscles supporting your knee to strengthen and they are going to allow you to increase your flexibility. Weight training and stretching our two other good ways to increase your flexibility and ensure that your knee is strengthening. And if you have any questions about what kind of cardio you can do with your type of knee pain, talk to a knee pain doctor. However you should consider walking, swimming, aerobics in the water, stationary cycling, elliptical machines, and tai chi.

You should not risk taking a fall, and if your knee is especially painful or unstable the likeliness of you falling is more likely and it can cause more knee damage. To avoid falling ensure that your home is well lit, and you are using handrails on staircases and have a sturdy ladder or footstool if you require something from a high shelf.

You should consider using the RICE method. This method states that rest, ice, compression and elevation is a good way to curb knee pain that is caused by minor injury or flares of arthritis. Add you should give your knee arrest, slip some ice onto it to reduce the swelling, where compressive bandage and keep your knee elevated for as long as you need before you are experiencing less pain. You can talk to your knee pain doctor if you think you need something more.

If you require help walking, you should not be shy about using something such as a crutch or a cane so that there is less stress falling on your knee. If your knee is extremely unstable you may also want to look at knee splints and braces to help you ensure that your knee is remaining stable.

Reach out to a knee pain doctor today.